Greentree Consultants

Need a Rethink?

Greentree Consultants will help you rethink your business to overcome your pain points. Sometimes you just need someone detached from your business to show you ‘the forest through the trees’.

Broad Scope

Greentree Consultants typically conduct a review to gain broad overview of your business. I analyse a broad cross-section of your business and identify how to prioritise and achieve an overall improvement and most importantly increase owner and employee satisfaction.

Flexible Services

Greentree Consultants will customise the consulting services to exactly what you need and your budget. These options allow you to create unique solutions to your business problems.

Family Style Businesses

Greentree Consultants specialise in small businesses that identify themselves as ‘a family’. These business have unique problems due to the close personal working relationships develop and go beyond the typical employer/employee relationships. Often these relationships are the most difficult to manage, especially when friendships sour. We can help with all aspects of managing a small business.

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Greentree Consultants - The Small Business Specialists

We are personal and approachable, and very affordable

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To help small business owners solve problems and see the forest through the trees.
Thorough analysis of, and exposing the underlying issues might be painful but is an essential step to resolving many challenging issues.
Our commitment is to guide you to start working ON your business, not just in it.
I have many innovative solutions and will work closely with you and point you in the right direction.
Managing Change?? Whether people are simply resistant to change or change is a real problem, I can help. I help you consider new ways of working, assist with change management, right down to your workforce strategy.
Brand issues? Small business owners find their brand is outdated and don’t have the time, skills or resources to manage their brands. This is our speciality.

Need help getting your social media strategy right for you?